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Opulous is revolutionizing the music industry by connecting artists and fans like ever through blockchain technology! Our groundbreaking platform helps build powerful relationships between musicians and supporters that not only recognizes but rewards loyalty. It's a new way to participate in the music industry, where everyone shares in an artist's success.
Music Fungible Tokens (MFTs) are blockchain tokens that allows music fans to benefit directly from the success of an artist they’ve supported! MFT holders receive different rewards, some of which are based on how successful the underlying song or album becomes.
Music fans are rewarded for supporting their favorite artists' work! MFT holders receive various types of rewards, which can include a slice of the earnings made from the music’s release - helping to support the artist, incentivizing further creation, and promoting growth in the music industry.
MFT holders can track their rewards and withdraw earnings directly from their Opulous Dashboard by connecting their wallets. All music rewards are paid in USDC.
You can easily trade your MFTs on the Opulous Exchange and build an MFT collection that generates music rewards!
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